A friend, who has spent most of her life teaching girls, sent me the 3 minute clip below and said that this captures the energy every teenage girl wants to feel.

She asked, “What’s the boy equivalent?”


3 thoughts on “Synclads?

  1. Here’s what comes to my mind: If you watch some of the sports teams during warm ups, and I’m thinking especially of the football team, you can see that same sense of togetherness, that same sense of accomplishment/joy. It’s part of that “band of brothers” thing. You get the sense that they really enjoy being there with one another.

  2. The group energy of the the pew banging in Laidlaw Hall and the drum line at the campaign celebration party come to mind.

  3. Hi Jim,

    Funny thing happened on the way to the Beyonce clip… I couldn’t open it in your email so I googled it… and loved the Always ad about female emojis at the start. Take a look!

    Any thoughts about male equivalents re busting stereotypes there?

    hope you are well,



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