A Soldier’s Story

The Old Boy, a World War 2 veteran, leaned heavily on his cane, as he sipped a coffee a few minutes before the Remembrance Day service.

“A lot has happened to me since last November. Since the operation, I’m now lugging this around (he pointed to his portable oxygen tank), and my wife and I had to move into a retirement home. We sold our house and everything, and now we’re living in just two rooms. It’s a little tight. I can handle it, of course. After all, I was in the army and got used to living in close quarters. But my wife, well, she has alzheimer’s, and the lack of space is hard on her…

But today, being here with the others, it all comes back to me. Why I remember one of my first nights in Europe. It was 2 am when I discovered that I was 3 miles behind enemy lines! You asked what I learned from the experience, well, that’s easy. I learned how to read a map!”


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