Two Tips for University Students

Former NAIS president Pat Bassett offers two pieces of advice for students’ heading off to university

1.  What is most important is that you sit in the front row, especially in larger lecture hall classrooms. That and going up to talk to your professor after class are the best ways you can develop a relationship with your instructor. Understand that that relationship is vital when it comes to finding possible mentors and internships.

2.  Develop the habit of working in study groups. Be the one to create a study group, so you get into the habit of learning from one another.



One thought on “Two Tips for University Students

  1. Sounds like good advice Dr. Power – thanks for passing it on. I wouldn’t have guessed it last year, but it really is all too easy to go a whole term without ever speaking to a professor. And without that interaction, why even go to university at all? It seems to me like if that is the educational process, schools might as well just videotape lectures and post them all online. But I’m convinced that there is more to education than a youtube video of a guy speaking. Hope all is well at the College.

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