Make a difference

Young Faces of Philanthropy

We’re all grateful when we hear about big donors making big gifts to big causes. But there’s a new trend in charitable giving, as young folks are making their own philanthropic impact.

The “We Day” initiative, and our own youngest leadership donor Taylor Harris ’09, who has donated $250,000 to financial assistance, are just two of the most recent examples of this inspiring trend, as the face of philanthropy becomes younger and younger, turning the notion of a self-obsessed generation on its head.

In the ad above UCC has joined forces with other leading non-profits – such as the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario), CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health), Free the Children, Evergreen, Right to Play, and The Hospital for Sick Children – to showcase other examples of this growing movement. (A full-page version of the ad appears in the front section of today’s Globe and Mail.)

As Thanksgiving approaches, this seems like the perfect time to salute and celebrate this new generation of difference makers!


One thought on “Make a difference

  1. Jim,

    I now think you are right about how you handled the “Snowden Affair at UCC”. Sure, I think Snowden is a wicked traitor, but thinking about the issues and making an informed decision is at the heart of an education. If, as you suggest, you also bring in a decent speaker to explain the benefits of government surveillance and secrecy, then the students will have a chance to think and decide. We, who interact with those students, will have a chance to explain our own thoughts. And then the whole of the future will rest with the students, as it would have anyway, but we will all have had a chance to offer our advice along the way.

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