The Kindergartener’s Questions

A friend of mine, a superb teacher, attributes her entire philosophy of education to a conversation she once had with a student she taught during her first year of teaching in 1976.

“I was teaching up North, and on the first day of school this boy arrived. He hadn’t been there for any of the preparation meetings, but he was just a young boy starting kindergarten. He was very, very quiet. He said almost nothing, until the third week of school, when he had an ‘accident.’

I was in the stall with him, cleaning him up, and that’s the first time he talked to me, there in that stall. And I will always remember his big dark eyes as he asked me 3 questions:

Is school hard?

Can I do it?

Will you be here every day when I come?

I’ve never forgotten that boy, whose now almost 40, and I’ve never forgotten those questions. They have stayed with me.”


2 thoughts on “The Kindergartener’s Questions

  1. Our eldest is about to start University away from home, while our youngest will start Junior Kindergarten and in my mind I have so many Questions…Millions to be precise.

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