They may be pulling my leg. (It wouldn’t be the first time for some of these Old Boys!)

But I do hear from young alumni, especially those who attend larger universities, that they no longer attend classes on a regular basis.  A member of the class of 2009 confided, “I just download the notes, show up for labs and tests, and I’m off to medical school next year!”

Universities that already offer classes with 700 students are now thinking about expanding their class sizes, in an effort to make themselves as affordable as possible.  You can’t really blame them. After all, as one professor recently admitted, “What’s the difference between having 1,200 and 700 students in a class? I don’t know my students anyway.”

All of this makes me think that, in the world of K-12 education, we need to do everything we can to make things as “personal” as possible for our boys. For many of them, IB2 may be the last chance for them to have a meaningful relationship with a teacher. Or with anyone who knows his name.


One thought on ““Cheers”

  1. I am hoping my son chooses to go to a small college/university where not only do the profs know his name, he gets invited to their home for dinner.

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