In Praise of Canada

In honour of Canada Day, Old Boy Theo Caldwell published an article praising his native land. Here is how Theo begins his tribute:

“It’s so clean and bland – I’m home!” –Marge Simpson, on arriving in Canada

With its mild manners and measured expectations, Canada has long served as North America’s straight man.  From Michael Moore’s Canadian Bacon to The Simpsons to South Park, American comedy has tapped this area like the oil sands.
On one of their several sojourns to the Great White North, the Simpson clan pass by the set of a film called Canadian Graffiti, in which a street punk spray-paints three words on a wall: “Obey the rules.”
And this is largely the rap on Canadians: Even when they try to be edgy, their deference and decency win out, such that their rebellious affectations have all the authenticity of a hard-core Christian rock band.

One thought on “In Praise of Canada

  1. Hard-core Christian rock band…very clever. Enjoy the 4th – a traditional USA holiday, eh!

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