Letter from the Boston Marathon

After yesterday’s bombing in Boston, I received a number of emails from Old Boys who were close to the explosion. Sean Hacker Teper, a second year Boston University student, captures a sense of what it was like on Beacon Street.


Dear Dr. Power,

Thanks for checking in. What a horrific day it was here. Thankfully I can say that all friends and family are accounted for.

I’m sure you’ve been a part of Marathon Monday in the past. The happiest day in the year was lost to absolute chaos in what had to be the biggest mood swing I have ever felt/seen in my twenty ripe years.

I was about a kilometre and a half from the bombing, and none of us knew of it. My friend told us that there was a bombing, but we thought he was just reading about a broken transformer or a random industrial explosion.

Everyone continued to party until a couple policemen ripped away the barriers, and three police cars and one ambulance came screaming down Beacon Street. Almost immediately, you could see the mood just drop, and everybody bolted from the area.

What a sight it was to see every person around us reaching out to one another, to make sure that everybody had contacted their parents, as some cell services were down.

I’ve never been more afraid of the sound of sirens, nor have I ever seen so many helicopters at once. It was something out of a movie, and I never want to live it again.

Luckily, today is a new day, and unfortunately I have classes. I can’t complain though. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by such a surreal event.

Best regards and Go Leafs Go,

Sean Hacker Teper


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