“You Can’t Handle the Truth!”

“Tough Love”

I received a lot of feedback on last week’s talk, and I thought I would share one letter with you:


I read with great interest your talk to those impressionable high school boys about “stepping up” into difficult situations.

What you forget is that some of us knew you, back when you were in high school, and “courage” would not have been a word ANY of us would have used to describe you, you weak-kneed, snivelling, moral mollusk of a man.

Your rant drips with hypocrisy! The only thing you might have “stepped up to” would have been a bowl of spaghetti!

Anyway, the garage needs painting. When will you be down?




3 thoughts on ““You Can’t Handle the Truth!”

  1. Let’s hope this is in jest!

    I have a couple of articles that are right up your alley, and a third longer piece you might enjoy as well. Sorry to add to the inbox, but they have all passed my filter for different reasons:

    1. I love the quiet leadership slant of Deresiewicz and of course his musings on U.S. schools were very timely for me

    2. John Holt would seem to be the precursor to Dweck, Duckworth, et al regarding education and educating our children

    3. And, hey, everyone needs a good dose of psychotherapy from time to time and excerpts from The Road Less Traveled certainly is that.



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