Person of the Year

I’ll let you know if “Time” magazine contacts me (I’m not holding my breath), but if their editors happen to ask me who should be the person of the year, I’d recommend Malala Yousafzai, the 15 year-old Pakistani girl who was shot and almost killed by the Taliban in October.

Malala wanted to go to school. She wanted to get an education. And she was openly critical of those who tried to stop her and her female classmates from pursuing their academic dreams. More than anything, Malala refused to back down, despite the Taliban’s fatwa.

For her incredible courage and for her passionate belief in the value of education, Malala is an inspiration for all of those who might occasionally find themselves intimidated by a dark and unwelcoming environment.

If Malala can stare down the Taliban, what might we be able to do in 2013?


One thought on “Person of the Year

  1. I second your nomination. News reports are showing the ‘winner’ of the online poll for Time’s Person of the Year is North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, with 5.6M votes (in contrast to Malala’s 340,000). Really? Yes … but only because as in past, websites like 4chan have rallied users to vote and manipulate results of the poll. Amazing power. And certainly ok to have some fun with it (life is serious enough). But imagine what could happen if more individuals decided to use this clout in a different way?
    It may be a bit Pollyanna, but my wish for 2013: that more folks out there in cyberspace will follow your lead and use their incredible power on the internet to promote good.

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