Borrowed Armor


“Every parent who is about to write a check for college tuition should read this book first and discuss it with his or her son…and daughter.”

Michael Thompson, PH.D
Coauthor of “Raising Cain”

Guyland’s author, Michael Kimmell, makes it clear that adolescent males need guidance. “They need the adults who orbit their world – their parents, teachers, counselors, bosses, coaches, administrators – to understand what is happening in their lives, the pressure they feel to live up to unattainable ideals of masculinity, and the feelings of doubt, anxiety, and shame that often accompany that quest. And they need – and deserve – a larger public conversation about the world they inhabit, to enable them to better navigate its more hazardous shoals…

They feel incomplete and insecure, terrified that they will fail as grownups, that they will be exposed as fraudulent men. ‘Every man’s armor is borrowed and ten sizes too big and beneath it, he’s naked and insecure and hoping you won’t see…’”


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