A Peek into Guyland

At a recent International Boys School Coalition workshop on “Images of Masculinity” Michael Kimmel, author of “Guyland,” described the culture many of our boys will embrace when they enter university life:

“…These young people are listening to shock jocks on the radio, laughing at cable-rated T&A on the current generation’s spin-offs of ‘The Man Show’ and watching Spike TV, the ‘man’s network,’ guffawing to sophomoric body-fluid humor of college circuit comedians who make Beavis and Butt-head sound quaint.

They’re laughing at clueless henpecked husbands on TV sitcoms; snorting derisively at guys who say the wrong things on beer ads; snickering at duded-up metrosexuals prancing around major metropolitan centers drinking Cosmos and imported vodka.
Unapologetically ‘politically incorrect’ magazines, radio hosts, and television shows abound, filled with macho bluster and bikini-clad women bouncing on trampolines.

And the soundtrack in these new boys’ clubhouses, the sonic wallpaper in every dorm room and every shared apartment is some of the angriest music ever made. Nearly 4 out of 5 gangsta rap CD’s are bought by suburban white guys. It is not just ‘boys in the hood’ who are ‘menace to society. It’s the boys in the ‘burbs’.”


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