3 Myths of Femininity

Former NFL star, Joe Ehrmann, whom “Parade Magazine” has called “the most important coach in America,” spoke recently at a meeting of boys schools. In his talk about “Redefining Masculinity,” he stressed how important it is for us to help our boys understand the incredible pressure girls face.

Joe works at an all boys school himself, and he tries to teach his boys something he calls the 3 Myths of Femininity:

“First, by the age of 4, every girl learns the myth of Prince Charming. They get the message that, if you are worthy, you will be rescued.

Second, by the age of 8, a girl learns that her value is dependent on beauty and body type. She begins to ask herself, ‘How do others rank and appraise me?’

Third, by high school, girls are taught to abandon who they really are in order to belong and to be popular.”


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