3 Wishes

Hong Kong, China

A father from Beijing shared his “3 wishes for my son” with me yesterday:

“I have 3 wishes for my son: IQ, EQ, and CQ. IQ is a given, but EQ is important because he needs to learn how to work well with others. In China, we have lots of one child families, so this is a crucial skill.

CQ is important, too. Twenty years from now, he may work anywhere from Vancouver to Venice, and I want him to be able to understand cultural differences. He will need to be able to connect with people with different languages, philosophies, and cultures. This is what I think is very important.”


2 thoughts on “3 Wishes

  1. At my College before I retired, the faculty in the Business School were trying to design a way to test for Emotional Intelligence. Some of the research we had found suggested a very high positive correlation between with academic achievement and career success. We wondered whether an valid and reliable EQ test might be administered to student applicants and weighted equally with high school marks since high school marks were becoming a very poor predictors of academic success.

    1. Ian,

      I think Doug Heath did some research on this a few years ago. If my memory is correct, he concluded that there was for men, a very high correlation between compassion/good “people skills” and long term success. With women, the correlation was with higher degrees of autonomy/strong sense of self.



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