Dust Up in DC

Because I spent most of my weekend at Midway, and because the folks who run the 2nd city’s 2nd airport didn’t want to keep running clips of the Bears’ losing to the utterly amazing Tim Tebow, I was treated to a nearly endless loop of Tom Brady’s “dust up” with his offensive coordinator, Bill O’Brien.

While throwing an interception is a normal part of the game, even for a passer like Brady, what was unusual was what took place immediately afterwards. If you weren’t at Midway, let me fill you in: Bill O’Brien, the Patriots’ offensive coordinator, blasted the Golden Boy, and told him in no uncertain terms what he had done wrong on the previous play. Brady responded in kind, which seemed to further ignite his coach. At one point, O’Brien ripped off his head-set and had to be physically restrained from going after #12.

While a big part of me leans toward Rodney King’s “Hey, why can’t we all get along?” philosophy, (I have a natural inclination towards moonwalking away from conflicts.) I found the exchange between the two men utterly refreshing. First, it’s great that a relatively obscure coach feels he can go after someone whose mug may someday grace the Mount Rushmore of football. A less courageous coach might have taken a less direct approach.

Had such a disagreement taken place in an academic environment, it would probably have been a google.mail “conversation,” and it would have gone something like this:

“Tom, is it ok if I call you ‘Tom’? Well, then, Mr. Brady, I was wondering if, in the future, if as you are scanning a ‘Cover Two’ and you happen see a receiver wide open in the flat, as a courtesy, you might, if you have the time and wherewithal, consider, as one of your many options, tossing the pigskin in his general direction. If you would like to talk about this sometime or exchange thoughts, suggestions, or ideas, please see me. If you think we should form a committee to explore this general area in more detail, that might make sense. We might also consider creating a task force to see how all of this relates to our strategic plan. Thank you for your help and consideration.”


3 thoughts on “Dust Up in DC

  1. I like your piece on the Tom Brady altercation… but I have to admit, I am of the opinion that a coach doesn’t need to tell a player, (especially a guy like Brady) that he screwed up after the fact… that’s a conversation for Monday during film I think!

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