Man of the Year

It’s the time of year when you can usually start a conversation with even the most reticent of folks by asking, “Who will be the man or woman of the year?” But this December, that question may a conversation-killer because the issue is a no-brainer.

The person of the year has to be Mohamed Bouazizi, the Tunisian fruit seller who responded to the overwhelming corruption and lack of freedom in his country by burning himself to death a year ago this week.

His self-immolation sparked the Arab Spring, a movement which has created changes that would have seemed completely unimaginable, even just a year ago.


2 thoughts on “Man of the Year

  1. Jim,
    Always comforting to know we are on the same page. We were at a party last weekend where this topic came up. I was unequivocally confident in asserting my view that Bouazizi would be person of the year. I was challenged by people who thought it would be Steve Jobs (incorrect. All he really did this year was pass away. Plus, last year was Mark Zuckerburg, there won’t be two tech types in a row). Others thought Angela Merkel. Possible. But, I stand by my prediction (and yours).

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