Am I a Worthy Son?

The image of Curtis Pride, standing alone on second base, unaware of the roar of approval from the crowd (see “Why the Stadium Shook”) reminds me of our boys. When they hit clutch doubles, whether they are academic, artistic, athletic, or moral/character extra base hits, they are often oblivious.

Parents — like the stadium fans — can scream their lungs out, if they are so inclined, but all too often a boy will simply shrug his shoulders as if to say, “That’s just my mom or dad. They’re always like that.”

What a boy needs are those third base coaches, the significant adults in his life, who have the sense to call time out every once in a while, to help a boy see and experience the affirmation that is often invisible him.

Psychologist Adam Cox says that the question every boy carries around deep inside him is, “Am I a worthy son?” In an ideal world, there are coaches right there on the sideline to help boys understand that the answer is a resounding YES!


One thought on “Am I a Worthy Son?

  1. I had a “coach” who really helped me through a tough time.

    I was a gangly, awkward, adolescent (with braces, of course!), and I was very lonely in high school.

    Every once in a while, my aunt would give me a talk. She’d say, “You are just far more mature than your peers. It will take a while for them to catch up.”

    Those little chats really meant a lot to me. They helped me get through a difficult time.

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