The End of the Season

Last May, when my father learned he would be moving on to hospice care, he asked his doctor one question: “I’ll be here for the World Series, right?” I’m not sure how the doctor responded, but my dad passed away in June, a month before the All Star game.

I thought of that question last night, as I watched the last few innings of Game 7, and for the first time in my life, with 2 outs in the 9th inning, I turned off the TV. For some reason, I didn’t want the game to end. Or at least I didn’t want to witness its ending.

The 2011 World Series was the last “marker” for my father; it was the final public event he had anticipated. Games and seasons have to end, of course, but when this has happened in the past, every once in a while – usually on the coldest days of winter — when we were all sloshing through slush and snow, my dad would call just to remind me that, despite the plunging temperatures, “In just 6 weeks, pitchers and catchers report! (to Florida)”

That call won’t come next February, and perhaps that’s why I didn’t want to watch the Cardinals celebrate last night. From now on, I’ll have to remind myself and my own kids that spring training is just around the corner.


6 thoughts on “The End of the Season

  1. Baseball is the sport of memories…I have good ones of pushing my dad up the ramps at the big Shea to see the Mets, and sitting on the concrete out back listening to the games with him in the summer (it wasn’t nice enough to be called a patio-but it was home). It’s how I often think of him. I’m sorry you won’t get the call this spring, Jim.

  2. Made me cry! It reminded me of just how important those times with our parents are.
    My dad was a lover of baseball and the world series was always a focus for him.
    Thanks- I appreciate being brought back to wonderful times with my Dad teaching me to score the Jays’ games while we listened on the radio, our mutual excitement for post regular season games, etc.

    Hope you are well,

  3. Sir, I have two grandsons in your school. I am a few oceans away from them. I am glad I discovered your blog. Thru your writings, I get a feel for the kind of School they are at. And that feeling is warm n comforting. Thank you.

  4. maybe you also couldn’t watch because they took out the Phils! 😉

    The baseball campaign is such a great symbol of natural cycles — both of the seasons and of life. As always, though, they all march on inexorably..

    may your dad RIP, Coach

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