Hank Williams and Steve Jobs

A few thoughts on two men who were in the news this week:

First, Hank Williams, Jr. certainly has a right to free speech, however misguided that speech may be. But the producers of Monday Night Football also have the right to yank his “Are You Ready For Some Football” song from their weekly introduction. And they were right to do so. Comparing anyone, let alone President Obama, to Hitler is a definite no no.

Advice that’s about a week too late: Hank, if you feel the need for hyperbole, I recommend you go for Joe Stalin.

Second, it’s hard to imagine any other businessman’s death eliciting the response that Steve Job’s passing has. It’s also hard to imagine anyone else’s life more closely mirroring our mission “to ignite curiosity, imagination, and passion…”

A year ago I happened to be in an Apple Store early on a Sunday morning, when I came across a number of their “Mac Geniuses” teaching new purchasers how to use their computers. I felt like I had stumbled into the future of education. Everything was individualized. After watching a particularly gifted teacher work with an adult student, I asked him how and why he and his fellow teachers were so good.

“I’ve got 2 responses for you. First, Apple spends a lot on training and professional development, and we also have an inspiring mission , ‘to improve lives’. That’s a great combination!”


One thought on “Hank Williams and Steve Jobs

  1. To clarify, he said that would be like Hitler playing with Netanyahu…he did not see which one was Hitler and which one was Netanyahu.

    “Come on! Come on! It would be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu!” adding “They’re the enemy! Obama! And Biden! Are you kiddin’ me, the Three Stooges!”

    Now comparing them to the three stooges is unfair to the three stooges.

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