DSK and Boys Schools

I get it when people admit that they are uneasy with private boys schools because they see us as bastions of patriarchy and privilege. Schools like UCC can increase financial aid budgets, open up admissions processes, and increase our commitment to service, but all of these initiatives get lost in the sauce of news stories such as the one involving Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Ok. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. But just look at how the “DSK” issue plays in the media. A rich, affluent, trust fund socialist (Don’t you just love it when the guy spouting,  “liberte, egalite, fraternite!” is writing those inspirational IMF treatises from his $3,000 a night hotel?)

Again, DSK may be completely innocent, but it’s worth noting that even defenders such as Gilles Savary, another Euro Socialist, has said, “Everyone knows that DSK is a libertine. He doesn’t try to hide it.”

The French press is offended that a man of DSK’s stature had to do the perp walk, and some wonder why his accuser is even treated seriously. Does the fact that the alleged victim is black, a woman, and an immigrant have something to do with this?

Where is Voltaire when we need him?


One thought on “DSK and Boys Schools

  1. UCC is what it is, a great education for your son which in most cases is a more comprehensive and effective education than your son would get in the politicized, poorly governed and underfunded public alternatives. It is also an expensive but secure place to leave your son if you want to spend the winter in Arizona.

    DSK may have invited his penury by what he said or proposed behing closed doors at the European sovereign debt negotiations. Any support for allowing organized default on Greek and Irish sovereign debt could be very unpopular with central banks, banks, hedge funds, global corporation, etc. Anyone holding targeted debt will take the haircut. Possibly he was willing to consider the possibility of US sovereign debt default and to propose an alternative to the US dollar as the primary world reserve currency. Throwing away an illustrious career to obtain sexual favours from the hotel staff does not make any sense unless he is mentally ill but it sure puts a bullet into his influence.

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