One Child Policy

Shanghai, China

The Old Boy in Shanghai laughed when he was asked about the one child policy.

“The key number is not 1. It is 4. What this means is that every child who is born, he not only has 2 parents who are focusing on him exclusively but also 4 grandparents. And since most parents usually work, the child has 4 doting grandparents who actually raise him. They tend to spoil him.

The problem is that, when the child finishes school, he needs to compete in the world. That means he needs to go up against the top 1%, and in China, that means there are a LOT of competitors because that top 1%  of 1.3 billion people drives the entire economy.

Also, 20 years down the road, that one worker will need to earn an income and pay taxes, which will support, not only his parents, but also his grandparents. That’s why the government is already allowing some exceptions. For example, if both parents were only children themselves, they can have two children. So the government will change that policy. It is just a matter of time.”



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