Will, Amir, and the Boss

Whenever I hear Bruce Springsteen’s “10th Avenue Freeze Out” on old guy radio, I am reminded of what student governments focused on back in the mid-70’s. It was a simpler time when the burning issue was whether or not the administration would allow us to have a juke box in the cafeteria. (They did, and we rejoiced by playing the Springsteen ditty on high volume each morning.)

I thought of that today during an Upper School assembly, when our head steward, Will Hall, interviewed Old Boy, Amir Heinitz, live from Cairo via Skype. Will’s interview would have made Ted Koppel proud. (Anybody who can ask a question while poking fun at Anderson Cooper is worthy of high praise.)

Heinitz offered a broad overview of what is happening today in Egypt and explained how it all came about. He was particularly critical of the government thugs. “They were released from prisons just to create havoc. They are attacking journalist and trying to intimidate reformers.” By contrast, he was optimistic about the military’s role: “90 -95% of the military have been positive. They are concerned with security.”

Amir ended the conversation by pointing out that he feels a responsibility to tell those abroad what is happening in the streets of Cairo. “We know that the world respects Egypt’s yearning for democracy.”

I know that technology is a double-edge sword, and I wish more boys spent more time Dickens and less with X-boxes, but I think this morning, even the Boss would have been proud.


2 thoughts on “Will, Amir, and the Boss

  1. Thanks Jim. Perfect timing…I just sang 10th Ave. Freeze Out with Bruce two weekends ago at the Stone Pony. Really. He stood in front of my bar seat (on the bar) and I sang into the microphone whenever he put it out. It was surreal. I can die in peace now.

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