The View from Seoul

What does Kim Jong-il see when he looks at the streets of Cairo?

My Korean friend sat by the window, watching the snow fall.

“I’ve been watching the news in Egypt and it’s not as simple as Westerners might think. Let me tell you how we see things from my part of the world.

My country has the world’s 8th largest economy, and we burn a million barrels of oil each and every day. Without that oil, everything shuts down. And I mean everything. Factories and offices would close. The economy would come to a halt, and people would die. Remember, it is colder in Seoul than it is in Toronto.

We have a 15-day supply of oil, so what’s vitally important from our point of view is that the supply chain not be disrupted. Sure, we would like the people of Egypt to enjoy more freedom, more democracy, but at the same time we need stability. The world will suffer – my country would suffer if things became disrupted.

And that’s not something I am sure you understand.”



One thought on “The View from Seoul

  1. Rioting in Middle Eaet is about food and poor government. North Korea also has a food shortage but prices are controlled. China provides food aid to prevent cross border migration. Korea’s army would crush any civil disobedience and the leaders would be killed. Countries with money can buy food. Countries without money try to grow food. Egypt and the other non-oil [producingcountries are short of food because they can’t afford it and have had poor crops due to the weather conditions encouraged by global warming.

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