Giligan’s Progeny

At a parent meeting last week, a number of mothers raised questions about alcohol, about our boys’ interactions with girls, and about their sons’ decision-making.

A day later, I happened to come across a news article about two adolescent boys from Fiji, boys who had consumed some alcohol before stealing a boat, and then setting sail in the hopes of connecting with some girls who lived on neighbouring island. It may have been the sun, the stars, the beer or the boat, but the boys missed the “island of the girls” and ended up floating aimlessly out in the South Pacific for 50 days before they were rescued.

Boys don’t always think things through before making a decision, but given the fact that these two lads had almost a month and half of “reflection time,” you can’t help but think that they’ll be wiser for the experience. Like those 7 castaways on the S.S. Minnow, they endured something more than a “”three hour tour, a three hour tour.” My take-away, too, is that some adolescent challenges go far beyond cultural differences. Is Giligan the universal adolescent male?


One thought on “Giligan’s Progeny

  1. I don’t know, Jim. Sailing after some girls with a six pack in the boat. That makes sense to me.

    This last is an example of your strict Cahtolicism clouding your better judgment.

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