Taking Care of Business

Hong Kong

“Wanna suit? I got suit for you!  And I got many, many ties!”

The street corner tailor was not alone in his attempt to drum up business.

Walk down almost any street in Hong Kong, and vendors won’t wait for you to saunter into their store. They’ll come and get you.

There is an almost ferocious sense of entrepreneurialism about this city. Everyone’s working hard; it feels like Manhattan on steroids.

A young Old Boy, a recent law school grad, works “monster hours” every day and every other Saturday. “You don’t want to get the reputation as a guy who leaves early. I get 11 days of vacation a year, but my first year, I didn’t take even one day. I didn’t think it would look good.”


One thought on “Taking Care of Business

  1. That may be more law than Hong Kong.
    Firms are hives of activities (so far everywhere in the world I’ve experienced them)
    It’s amazing it’s people’s lives “managed” as best as possible

    Robert MacKenzie, LL.B.

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