A Parent’s Concern

A UCC mom came by herself to the annual general meeting, and she came for a specific reason:

“I approve of the school’s push for financial aid. I think that makes sense. But I wonder if you and the board think about people like me? I’m not sure you hear much from people in my situation.

Years ago, when my son announced that he wanted to go to UCC, I decided I had to go back to work to make it happen. And my husband and I work very hard to make UCC possible for our son.

But we are not rich people. We are professionals and even we are stretched. Sometimes we are just making things work. So while I like the idea of socio-economic diversity, I want you to remember, too, that there are other people like us, people who sacrifice, people who work hard, who don’t need or qualify for aid. But we don’t want to be taken for granted either.

So when you are making your plans for the future, I want you to keep us in mind, too.”


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