“Killing in Your Name”

Ray Wiss is a captain in the Canadian Army. He’s also a doctor. And after two tours of duty, he wrote two books:  “A Line in the Sand,” and “FOB Doc – A Doctor on the Front Lines” so he speaks about the war in Afghanistan with some authority. In doing so last week in Laidlaw Hall, he passionately articulated 3 points:

“I recognize that this is an issue that divides Canadians, but I want you to know that I see this as a moral war and a war of ideas. I have 2 daughters, and someday when they get older and learn what the Taliban did to prevent other girls from learning how to read and write, I want to be able to tell them that their dad stood up.”

“We will win because our ideas are the right ideas. Don’t just support our troops. Support our mission. If you disagree with the mission, please speak up. What separates us from our enemies is our ability to openly disagree.”

“Fighting Islam makes about as much sense as saying you are ‘Fighting Christianity’ if you oppose the KKK. But remember, we are killing in your name.”


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