Second Rate Kids?

There is always a danger in labeling ourselves, and that’s particularly true with high school boys and their university placement. It’s easy enough, when you reach a certain age, to put college acceptances in perspective. Most adults would agree that you can get a great education at almost any university; what’s important, of course, is finding the right match – the school that will challenge a student to really develop his talents and values.

But that’s an adult perspective. At 17 or 18, we are all a bit vulnerable, and I confess that at that age, I’d have sold my own brother down the river to get into Princeton. (I didn’t. Alas!)

Twenty years ago, I had a wonderful advisee who desperately wanted to get into Williams. He was devastated when he received the news that he had been wait-listed.

I remember my attempt at cheering him up failed miserably. “You got into Colgate. That is a terrific place. I couldn’t have pole-vaulted in there!”

To which Jeremy replied: “I went to a second rate prep school, and I’ll go to a second rate college. Someday, I’ll marry a second rate wife and have second rate kids.”


2 thoughts on “Second Rate Kids?

  1. I was caught LOL at this piece at my desk. So, I had to share it with one of my colleagues. We both agreed that youth often makes us so dramatic in our perspective. Sometimes it’s definitely a challenge to get my 10 year old son to see the positive side of a disappointment.
    It’s all the move sobering that we wisen with age, which enables the paradigm shift that makes us see ourselves as “first rate adults.”

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