A Coach’s Wisdom

The coach looked somber as he described the ups and downs of the spring season. He ended with this observation: “What I finally realized, though, is that I can’t care more than the players. That just won’t work.”

The coach’s words came back to me as I read about what is going on in Afghanistan. I don’t blame the Afghanis. The election was a sham. The government is corrupt. And the foreigners will be leaving. (One Afghani said, “You’ve got the watches, and we’ve got the time.”)

If you were an Afghani and knew the Taliban were just waiting in the hills, would you be yucking it up with the American military brass these days?

Given all of this, and given Afghanistan’s history as a graveyard of empires, shouldn’t we re-think our strategy? After all, we can’t care more than they do.


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