Invisible Faith

It seems there are two kinds of secular institutions. While some give every faith, non-faith, and tradition a degree of respect and a fair and equal place at the table, there are others who intentionally or unintentionally marginalize theists. In these places, if you happen to believe in a creation with a Creator, the culture suggests that you either haven’t read enough books or haven’t given yourself enough time to really think things through.

Last week, when former NBA star Manute Bol  passed away at 47, he was repeatedly described as a “humanitarian.” While Bol was involved in a number of humanitarian ventures, he was, in fact, a radical Christian who gave away most of his NBA salary to build hospitals in the Sudan.

In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, Jon Shields sums this up:

“The remarkable charity and personal character of other NBA players, including David Robinson, A. C. Green and Dwight Howard, are almost never explicitly connected to their own intense Christian faith. They are simply good guys.”

My point is NOT that Christians are the only group motivated to altruism by their faith. Far from it. But I  do think there is something in our culture’s water that overlooks the faith dimension and gives it short shrift when it comes to understanding human motivation.


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