When The Juice Was Loose

I think I figured out why Tony Hayward was seen posing on his yacht off the coast of England last weekend. Either he was trying to “get my life back” or he has figured out that the best way to deal with the present BP disaster is to get himself fired.

The only other possibility might be that he inadvertently hired John Kerry’s former PR firm. Remember when candidate Kerry was photographed windsurfing (“tasty waves, dude!”)  in the middle of his presidential campaign? Was there a marketing guru nearby telling the democratic nominee, “This is a great idea, John. The folks in fly-over country will love this one!” (I wonder, too,  if he was the same guy who encouraged Mike Dukakis to climb into that tank? “Hey, don’t forget to wear the spiffy helmet!”)

Speaking of the past: If ’67 was the summer of love, then ’94 was the summer of “all OJ-all-the –time.” I don’t know where you were 16 Junes ago, but almost everyone in the USA was glued to the TV as OJ’s white Ford Bronco made its way down the highway toward Bel Air.

What marketers soon learned was that a huge number of sports fans turned off game 5 of the NBA finals in order to tune into the OJ chase scene.  We learned that fans would rather watch OJ on the highway than Hakeem in the lane. And a few years later, “reality TV” was born.


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