Star-Search and the Gender Gap

Helen Reddy, Where Are You?

Here’s an item that seems to have slipped through the news cycle with very little reaction:

The Globe and Mail reports that Canada’s Science–Star search ended up with 19 supremely talented scientists, and they ALL just happened to be men. As if that weren’t bad enough, Industry Minister Tony Clement admitted, “It  (having no women winners) never occurred to us.” (I wonder if in this age of budget cutbacks, the government has eliminated PR consultations and/or common sense?)

What may be even more disturbing is the fact that there were no women on the “short list” of 36 either. “Hello? This is 2010 calling. Anyone home?”

There are lots of ways to spin this sort of news, and most of them start with the words “old boys club.”

UCC’s motto, with its focus on “meritocracy,” continues to be a challenge for all of us – even when it comes to gender – in 2010.


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