The Global Achievement Gap

Two take-aways from Tony Wagner’s  The Global Achievement Gap:

First, the new 3 R’s  are rigor, relevance, and relationships.

Second, the notion of “relationship” is changing:

“The role of teacher needs to be different than what it has been. In high school, kids are starting to figure out who they are, their interests, and what careers may interest them. The job of a teacher should be to encourage kids to explore their interests and to help them make sense of the world…

In focus groups with high school students – from wealthy suburban enclaves to struggling inner-city schools – the most frequent comment from students has to do with their longing for a different kind of relationship with their teachers. ‘I need a teacher I can really talk to.’ Many have said. ‘And not just about school things, but things going on in my life. I want a teacher that cares about me…”


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