Wisdom of Solomon?

Journalist Larry Solomon, author of “The Conserver Solution,” explained why he does not believe in global climate change theory during this morning’s Upper School assembly.

In addition to poking holes in much of the science behind Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” (a film many of our own boys have been require to see a number of times over the years), he was also very critical of the UN Panel on Climate Change.

“80 billion dollars has been spent on research, and almost all of this money has gone to the doomsayers.  The 2,500 scientists they refer to and that ‘hockey stick’ graph — they are completely bogus!”

Students on both sides of the argument peppered Mr. Solomon with questions:

“Even if climate change theory is wrong, isn’t it still good to behave as if it’s true? And are you saying that CO2 is actually good for the environment?”

During Theo Caldwell’s introduction, the McLeese Chair of Debate stressed that the most important debating skill is “listening to the other side.”  If nothing else, Mr. Solomon’s appearance gave us all the opportunity to hear a side of the climate change debate that is seldom considered in schools. For that and for last month’s record tally of ice in the Arctic, we should be grateful!


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