At first, I thought it was my new toothpaste.  “Hey, maybe there is something to having a ‘Pepsodent smile’ after all?” Suddenly, strange women were approaching me at coffee shops, trying to engage me, trying to mingle.

But then I realized it wasn’t my sparkling teeth or my delightful personality that had sparked their interest. It was my “electronic puppy.”

I have to explain. I am not a trendy guy. Far from it. A quick look at my wardrobe might suggest that the days of leisure suits are not yet over. But I happened to be visiting my parents in Philadelphia a few weeks ago, when my mother said she needed to buy a new printer. We were soon at “Best Buy” (name dropping, yet again!) when I saw a stack of Ipads.

It was a rare, impulse purchase. But two weeks later, I am Elvis of the Village. So the next time you wander by a Starbucks and happen to see a gaggle of onlooks trying to make time with a frumpy middle-aged man, know that it’s just the puppy doing its thing.


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