On Dog-Naming

Thanks to the nice puff piece on the Power family in “Old Times,” I’ve been taking some well-deserved heat because we named our dog “Fenway.”

“What’s wrong? You weren’t creative enough to call him ‘HSBC Arena’?”

I deserve this, of course, but if I had had my way, things would be different. “Fenway” was a compromise solution and came about because of a flawed democratic process, which allowed everyone in the family — and not just all married men over 50 as I suggested —  a vote on the matter.

I wanted to name the dog after subordinate conjunctions, if for no other reason, than the joy it might bring whenever the dog  got lost.

Imagine onlookers watching  5 kids and 2 adults’ running around the neighbourhood yelling, “However” or “Nevertheless” or  “Even Though” at the top of their lungs. A scene such as that might lighten the psychic burden of even the most heavy-hearted grammarian.


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