The Perfect Response

“Who’s next?”

I was I still in a mild stupor, after hearing the barrista tell a customer that a bottle of water costs $2.47 (tax included), when the man in front of me nonchalantly said, “That would be I.”

I couldn’t help myself.

“That’s beautiful. Did you really say, ‘That would be I’”   I asked?

“ I did. Why? Were you next in line?”

“No. No. Not at all. It’s actually perfect. And I guess I’m excited because I’ve spent so much of my life teaching grammar, and I’ve never – not even in a spiffy, overpriced Starbucks chock full of folks with attitude – heard anyone use the nominative so gracefully. Your precision with language, well, it just brings a moment of reassurance to an otherwise bleak existence. Thank you.”

Without blinking he replied, “I’ve always been gooder at grammar.”


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Response

  1. I’m surprised this response wasn’t chock full of other fine grammatical feats – such as the use of “anyway” when “anyways” does not exist.

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