Congratulations, Canada!

I don’t know if sports build character or if they reveal those who lack it.

If it’s the former, Canadians should sleep soundly tonight. To win a gold medal game in overtime – with all the expectation and pressure of playing in front of your passionate countrymen – is no small accomplishment.

While there is no joy in Mudville, USA this evening, there is joy (judged by the sound of honking horns!) on the streets of Toronto.

And who can blame those happy motorists? A great Olympics, capped off with a thrilling overtime gold medal win in the most important event of the fortnight – it doesn’t get much better than that! (If Disney makes a movie about this, would they call it, “Miracle, Too, Eh?”)


One thought on “Congratulations, Canada!

  1. Maybe they’d call it “The Ruler’s Back” because it wasn’t much of a miracle. You knew the boys were gonna pull through and we saw why Sid’s the man. Great moment. It for sure showed their resilient character – and their humility in victory afterwards. But nothing out of the blue or miraculous there.

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