Confessions of a Cardinal

I try to avoid cynicism as much as I can, but after listening to Mark McGuire’s admission – 5 years after he went “Gumby” before a Congressional hearing – that he did, in fact, use steroids, it’s tough not to be a bit jaded.

The cynic in me thinks that, while it’s better late than never to admit wrongdoing, McGuire’s attempt at coming clean is far too convenient. Now that he’s been hired as the Cardinals’ hitting coach, had he not admitted his guilt, he certainly would have been bombarded by questions at each and every pit stop along the long baseball season ahead.

His attempt at down-playing the impact steroids had on his career also seems disingenuous; it’s hard to believe he injected himself with a witches’ brew of chemicals simply to speed up the healing process.In addition to the doubly tarnished Sosa vs. McGuire homerun chase through ’98, McGuire will be remembered for his ghastly appearance before Congress.

I was reminded of this one morning when I asked my then ten-year old son if he’d made his bed. He looked up from his Coco Puffs and replied, “Dad, I’m not here to talk about the past. I’m here to talk about the future.” Big Mac might have been proud.


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