“Have a Little Faith”

I don’t think that anyone’s education can be close to complete without his or her  grappling with the notion of God. That’s why I’m glad Santa gave me Mitch Albom’s “Have a Little Faith.” In his latest book the author of “Tuesdays with Morrie” describes the kind of conversation every adolescent should have at some time or another with a trusted, wiser soul:

Student: “We live in a world where your genes can be mapped, where your cells can be copied, where your face can be altered. Heck, with surgery, you can go from being a man to being a woman. We have science to tell us of the earth’s creation; rocket probes explore the universe. The sun is no longer a mystery. And the moon – which people used to worship? We brought some of it home in a pouch, right?”

Rabbi: “Look, if you say that science will eventually prove there is no God, on that I must differ. No matter how small they take it back, to a tadpole, to an atom, there is always something they can’t explain, something that created it all at the end of the search.

And no matter how far they try to go the other way – to extend life, play around with genes, clone this, clone that, live to one hundred and fifty – at some point, life is over. And then what happens? When life comes to an end? When you come to that end, that’s where God begins.”


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