3 Changes

We live in an age of overwhelming information, and sometimes it’s difficult to determine what is important. In “Should Old Articles Be Forgot” (NYTimes), William Falk points out 3 recent changes that are worth a ponder:

First, Robotic Warfare:  Drones are now an important part of the American arsenal, and they’ve become so without much debate. Does this technology make war easier?  More pervasive? Less democratic? (If war simply involves a programmer pushing a button, there’s certainly no need to discuss a universal draft.) Who should determine who or what is a justifiable target? And how do we embrace this technology without losing our humanity?

Second, China and cars: This year China surpassed the US as the world’s chief consumer of cars. What will this mean for a rapidly developing superpower? And what impact will this have on green house gasses?

Third, Real Working Wives: In more than 1/3 of American households, the primary breadwinner is now a woman. Falk thinks part of this is a result of the recession. Long term, though, is there any reason  to believe that this trend line won’t continue? What would make anyone think that, by the time our boys are adults, that this number won’t hit the 50% mark? Given this reality, are there things we should do now to prepare our boys for this new social reality?


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