Sportsman of the Year

After a recent assembly where I talked to the boys about the Tiger Woods’ situation and what we can learn from it, a grade 8 boy stopped by to offer his opinion.  He ended with, “As bad as it is with Tiger, it would be worse if some scandal involved Derek Jeter. That would be devastating!”

I thought about his comment again after coming across this in the December 7th edition of Sports Illustrated:

“Jeter is an anachronism if you believe that manners and humility, the pillars of sportsmanship, are losing ground in an increasingly stat-obsessed, self-absorbed sporting culture in which the simple act of making a tackle, dunking a basketball or getting a base hit calls for some burlesque act of celebration, a marking of territory for individual purpose. Jeter is the unadorned star, and not only in the literal sense in that he is free of tattoos, piercings, cussing, posses, and the other cliches of the big-time-jock starter kit.”


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