Playing the Game

A father’s story:

“My son still plays those ‘shoot ‘em up’ video games, the kind where you play with people from around the world. I always used to ask him whom he was playing with and where they were from, so he got into the habit of asking his teammates. They were almost always boys from North America. Usually it’d be a couple of guys from California, someone from Texas, and guy from New Jersey.

What’s interesting is that during the start of the Iraq War, my son learned, via these violent Internet games, what it means to be a Canadian. Especially during the early stages of the war, his American teammates would give him a hard time, once they realized he was a Canadian, because we were not a part of the ‘Coalition of the Willing’. My son, though, quickly learned how to defer, how to change the subject, how to respectfully disagree, and especially how to be diplomatic. He did this – not because he disagreed with our country’s foreign policy (he didn’t) – but because he wanted to play the game.”


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