Sky for Sale

“How can you buy the sky?”

That’s how Louise Harrison, Beatle George Harrison’s sister and our Barton Lecturer, began her talk this morning  — with a quote from Chief Seattle. Harrison spoke to 700 Upper School boys about global environmental interdependence and pushed the idea of an international interdependence day, which might be celebrated each July 20th.

“It’s the anniversary of Mr. Armstrong’s walk on the moon, and it’s a day that brought us together. The celebration might spark a day of service and awareness of our great mutual dependence.”

One IB2 boy said afterwards, “It was great having her with us (but) she represents the best and worst of environmentalism. She is such an idealist and at the same time, she seems like she’s from another time.”

Harrison marched down the aisle of Laidlaw Hall as “Imagine” played in the background.


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