Two Questions

During a recent conversation with a dozen parents, two questions were raised:

1. What can we do to give our boys more opportunities to spend time with girls?

Here’s what we offer right now:

*service/Horizons (with BSS)

*drama  and music(with BSS)

*World Affairs Conference (with Branksome Hall),

*Model Ontario Parliament, and debating (with a variety of schools.)

We also offer a  “Theory of Knowledge” course during the IB years with Branksome Hall.

As a boys school by tradition and conviction, we believe strongly in our all boys environment, but we also know that it is good for our students to have the opportunity to work side-by-side with girls, especially during their high school years. Are there other opportunities we should explore?

2. What can we do to help our boys avoid using profanity?

Most of us agree that the culture has grown coarser in recent years, and the result is that our boys are exposed to a rougher vocabulary at an earlier age. While parents don’t approve of their sons use of profanity, many see this as a stage that will soon pass. Others believe this is something the school should address in a clear and proactive manner.

What do you think? Is this just a stage of development or is there something the school do to promote better word choice?


One thought on “Two Questions

  1. Thanks Dr. Power for raising this question. Our sons heard lots of put down and profanity words in the last 3 years from other boys in UCC. Words such as: ” You s*ck!”, “You ass**le”, “He is a loser”, “you are gay”, “Gay lord” “F you”, are very common in school. We don’t expect such high frequency and high volume use of profanity words in UCC. We do expect the school to address this in a clear and proactive manner. “Better word choice” is a good idea, promoting culture to use and acceptance of “I messages” to express the boys’ own feeling is highly recommended. We hope our boys to grow up in a school environment which nurture both talent and integrity. The last financial crises happened not because the world has not enough talented people, it was because some of them are unethical and too self centered…

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