What Drives You Bonkers?

If there is one thing that I have learned from this blog, it’s that while folks often respond, they almost always do so privately, usually via email. I mention this because, with this particular entry, I’d actually prefer you to send any suggestions directly to me at jpower@ucc.on.ca.

Pat Bassett, the president of the National Association of Independent Schools, claims that most schools run their own unintentional “anti-marketing” campaigns.

“If you asked parents, ‘What are the 10 things that drive you nuts?’ you’d learn a lot about your school.”

So if there are things we do that drive you bonkers – intentionally or unintentionally — I hope you’ll let me know.

I can’t guarantee a fix for everything (only Midas offers that!), but if we aren’t at least aware of problems, we won’t be able to take a crack at solving them.



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