There For the Rest of Us

A colleague from another independent school was talking about his school’s approach to financial aid (and you thought your summer was a little dull!), but he caught my attention when he said this:

“I’m glad we’ve have had our financial aid program in place for a long time. Back in the 70’s, we had this kid who was being raised by a single mom. Barry was a pretty ordinary student who liked basketball. He was a nice guy who made his share of mistakes. He was by no means perfect. I lost track of him when he went off to college. I did hear that he had transferred from one school to another before heading off to law school.

Somewhere along the line, though, he grew up. He got serious, and he changed his name to ‘Barak.’ Anyway, he makes us feel good about our commitment to financial aid. The way we look at it, Punahou (our school) was there for him, so that he’ll be there for the rest of us.”


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