Say It Ain’t So, Rick

Some things just hurt a little more than others. Over the past few years, we have read about plenty of  athletes and celebrities and their moral failures, but today when Rick Pitino admitted to having an adulterous affair, it just felt a little different.

I’m not sure why. I’ve never met the guy, but I found myself wondering if, on some deep or subconscious level, I had secretly identified with him. That’s when it hit me: we had both gone to university in Massachusetts and played basketball. (Ok, I reluctantly admit that I played for a year in Ireland, but U Mass wasn’t exactly UNC in the 70’s either—even with Dr. J!). And we both probably talk too much about our Catholicism and our kids (We both have 5.).

I am glad that Rick (Now that I realize we have so much in common, we are on a first-name basis.)  at least told the truth, and my guess is that he’ll keep his job, probably for the wrong reason. Louisville’s president has already talked about the importance of learning from mistakes – something I believe in myself, but we all know that if my alter ego had a losing record, he’d be holding a press conference tomorrow where he’d announce his resignation. I would just hope that he wouldn’t say he was doing it so that he could “spend more time with my family.”


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