A Whole New Mind

Nearly half of my colleagues have read Daniel Pink’s “A Whole New Mind” this summer as part of UCC’s ongoing professional development program. Pink is worth a ponder for lots of reasons, but especially because of his focus on creativity.

Pink looks at the left brain/right brain dichotomy and argues that because curricula tend to follow economies, our industrial model has in the past rewarded lots of  left brain work.  As we move into the “Age of Connection,” though, that sort of traditional work, work that tends to be linear, analytic, and sequential in nature, will all be done either overseas (where labour is cheaper) or by a computer. What will become increasingly important and valued are right brain traits, talents such as teamwork, creativity, leadership, and innovation. Leadership, Pink argues, will never be outsourced!

For a school blessed with its own “Creativity Centre,” Pink’s work is both timely and inspiring!


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