Curb Jumping

          The writer and inventor, Guy Kawasaki, likes to use  the “ice business” to illustrate the challenge of change. Originally, the ice business involved going out to a lake, cutting some blocks of ice, and storing them in a cool place. Later, the ice business moved to the factory, where sheets of ice were frozen and stored. Finally, the first “PC” as in “personal cooler” was made as companies created refrigerators.

          Kawasaki points out that the men who worked on the lakes never moved to the ice factories, and those who worked in the factories never transitioned to refrigeration. He believes this happened because most of us live, work, and think on a plateau, and very few of us are able to “jump the curb” to the next stage of development.

          On the stickiest day of the summer, I find myself thinking about those first ice makers, and I wonder what schools like UCC might do to help our boys jump some of the curbs they’ll encounter down the road?


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